You are never there
When I need you the most
You have the time for others
But not for me
You never make the trip
When you so easily could.

I call out everyday
Beseeching you to come
And take me away
Yet you turn a deaf ear
Never looking back
If only you would.

I am a wreck
Driven to madness
I need you right now
To absorb my troubles
Swallow my sorrows
Its about time you came.

My eyes are getting heavy
My lips are smiling
But my heart is in shreds
Helpless paralysis
Take me away
And I'll take the blame.

Show me some mercy
Come wrap me in your arms
Lead me unto salvation
That I may never regret
Leaving this wretched life
For another sphere.

Cobbled roads I will gladly walk
Climb a thousand mountains
Sleep on a bed of thorns
Anything it takes
I'll go with you
Wish you were here.

I am lying in wait
Hoping you'll understand
That I want you to come
But I have not the courage
To beg you aloud
To take me away.

For I share you with others
Though I am yours alone
You are my secret lover
Yet you take others as well
Make me your chosen one
Tonight, I pray.

Take me away
Down the raging river
To the land of no return
Keep me with you.
Knock on my door
And I'll let you inside.

Listen to this heartfelt plea
I have cried a thousand oceans
Now burning in this endless desert
Gladly take me
As I take you.
O Death, make me thy bride.

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