Review: The Wedding Café and Lounge

Saturday night my husband and I headed out to eat at a restaurant. Unfortunately it was closed for maintenance. As we left the premises and exited the lane, wondering where else to go, I spotted a restaurant on the first floor above a car showroom...

"The Wedding Café and Lounge". What a curious name. We decided to check it out.

As we headed to the elevator, I saw the nameboard, and under that "Global Fusion Cuisine." Oh, I get it, I thought. Wedding café - marrying different cuisines together! Sounds nice.

Confusion struck again as we entered the restaurant. The all-white decor, with flourishes of gold/brown on the walls, made me feel like I was inside giant wedding cake. There were two private, reservation-only dining rooms bedecked in pink (oddly enough, the pink glass walls were see-through. Not much privacy there. They should have used frosted glass.) Nearly the whole place was booked in advance, but we still found a seat.

The menus - giant, A3-sized booklets - were brought to us, and the mystery deepened. It turned out the Wedding Café was a restaurant-cum-wedding planning service, and the menus were dotted with pictures of different wedding styles. I know of wedding planners who are also caterers, but try as we might, we couldn't digest combining a wedding planning service with a full-fledged restaurant. But that's what trailblazing is all about, isn't it?

The menu contained some very interesting dishes, although not many vegetarian options. We ordered a Stuffed Baked Jacket Potato for starters, along with a Beauty in Forest (litchi juice, grape juice and black currant sauce) for me and a Foster's for my husband.

The Baked Potato was accompanied by an assorted bread basket with bread sticks, nut-crusted white bread and garlic bread. The breads in turn were accompanied by herbed butter, a sweet-spicy mango pickle and sweet (tamarind?) sauce.
The potato was very large and delicious - it was stuffed with corn, cheese, cottage cheese, mushroom, tomato (I can't remember the other ingredients) and was very well done.

For the main course, we ordered a baked Cottage Cheese with Okra Ratatouille and Spinach, and an Asparagus Risotto, both on the recommendation of the head waiter. Both were delicious, but husband felt we should have ordered the Risotto first since we both love paneer to death! The meal was extremely filling and we eventually ended up sharing the Beauty in Forest an after-dinner dessert since we were too full.

The food was excellent and the service was fast, although the drinks arrived late. The maître d’ and waiters were friendly and well-mannered. Their uniforms were a bit of a oddity - white suits with cream shirts and the same chocolate/gold flourishes - but it's different from the usual boring black, and on that account alone it should be overlooked. The place is clean, posh, efficient and serves great food, and that's what matters.

However, for the prices they charge (and deservedly so) and the fact that they serve global cuisine, they should have stocked the bar with a wider variety of liquors and draughts. Hubby had to settle for a Foster's because they didn't have even Budweiser. Also, they should have a larger variety of vegetarian appetizers - most of them are the usual cheese-laden continental stuff.

Rating: 3½ stars 

Verdict: Worth atleast one visit!

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